So what is a “scenic byway?”

Congress established the National Scenic Byways program in 1991 to showcase historical and natural resources while enhancing and preserving them. To qualify for the national status, roads must first be designated as state byways. Official byways signage markers and interpretive signage direct visitors on their journey, and in some cases, GPS apps are available to enable a more interactive experience from the visitor’s mobile device.

Hancock County has been environmentally and culturally blessed with two scenic byways designations — the Byways to Space trail network and the Beach Boulevard Byway.  These scenic byways feature captivating coastlines, winding rivers, pristine marshland teeming with wildlife, scenic bayous, peaceful pine forests, magnificent beaches, and tranquil trails lined with majestic live oaks. Hundreds of historic homes, heritage sites and landmarks add to the ambiance, attracting residents and visitors from across the country.

Hancock County’s 13-mile stretch of beachfront and 30 miles of roads and pathways draw upon the resources and heritage of the area. Our scenic byways have something for everyone: multiple birding sites, biking and walking trails, blueways (waterway trails), parks, historic sites, and much more. Perfectly situated along many of these byways are quaint shops, charming restaurants, comfortable lodging, and a vast number of recreational activities, including the INFINITY Science Center, a technological marvel located right outside NASA Stennis Space Center. Although not part of the official byways system, the rolling countryside in the northern part of the county will entice visitors to explore roadways in Diamondhead, Mississippi’s newest city, and Kiln, the hometown community of football legend Brett Favre. Visitors will find even more shopping, restaurants, lodging and recreational options.

So whether it’s by boat, car, bicycle, or on foot, plan to savor the wonders of our scenic byways and coastal living in Hancock County.

It’s time to take the scenic route!


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